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Our latest episode:

Warm Bodies | ZomBODY Once Told Me

The spooky season is upon us, and Mack and Lucky are

Mack and Lucky are back with the second portion of Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion, and what a content feast! R learns to drive, he spends the night in bed with Julie, and gets closer with Perry than we ever wanted. Will he succeed in saving Julie and becoming a human, or will his new squad overrun the rest of humanity? 

Highlights from this episode include the legally distinguishable Tomb Lurker’s Church, Zombie infidelity, a metaphysical journey into life beyond being consumed, Zombie Eilish, and Dystopian Mayor Ru Paul.

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What People Are Saying:

“This podcast is a rollicking, joyful journey into a genre that I would not typically consider touching with a 10-foot pole.”

-Moll Flanders via Apple Podcasts

“Do I love podcasts? No. Do I like this podcast? No, I LOVE it! Mack and Lucky are hilarious.”

-Lucky is my favorite via Apple Podcasts

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