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Episode 5.4 – Season Finally

The boys are back for the season finale of The Gentleman’s Romantic Book Nook! This is a jam packed episode; we finish The Cowboy From Christmas Past by Tina Leonard, Spend a little time chatting about what we’ve learned, and present the 2020 Nookie Awards!

Highlights from this episode include solving the Christmas River Killer cold case, the invention of a four person mega chamberpot, a sudden case of Boo-monia, and the creation of the Baby Planet Empire.

*Editor’s Note – We’ll be taking a week off the publishing schedule to get some great stuff ready for season two, so look out for the next episode on January 22nd!

Shout out to Twin Musicom for the use of our intro/outro music Hip Hop Christmas by Twin Musicom, our new club banger for the end of year book!

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What People Are Saying

“This podcast is a rollicking, joyful journey into a genre that I would not typically consider touching with a 10-foot pole.”

-Moll Flanders via iTunes

Really well done take on the genre, and I would know! I’m excited to see what comes next, or I would be if I were still alive.

-Lord George Byron, FRS (1788-1824)