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The Summer of the Mack: It Takes 2, Review

Welcome to The Summer of the MACK! That’s right Mack has taken over the studio as part of a non-violent coup and Lucky “couldn’t be…[happier]!”

On the docket for this non-hostile takeover is the rom-com-action video game It Takes Two, a preview of our next SEXY, CITY-based book, and lots of complaining about this gosh darned sun being WAY too close to the allegedly rainy Pacific Northwest. 

If you get scared, just keep repeating to yourself…it must be the summer of the Mack…

must be the summer of the Mack….

summer of the mack….


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“This podcast is a rollicking, joyful journey into a genre that I would not typically consider touching with a 10-foot pole.”

-Moll Flanders via Apple Podcasts

“Do I love podcasts? No. Do I like this podcast? No, I LOVE it! Mack and Lucky are hilarious.”

-Lucky is my favorite via Apple Podcasts