The Cowboy From Christmas Past

by Tina Leonard

Did the Time Baby send Dillinger Kent to protect perfume heiress Auburn McGinnis, or to sweep her off her well-to-do feet?


A Journey Into Love in Literature

Join two best friends as they explore the unfamiliar world of romance novels!

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Episode 5.1 – Time Baby Saves Christmas

The Gentlemen are back with a brand new holiday novel! Join Lucky and Mack as they discuss the new book for the festive season The Cowboy From Christmas Past by Tina Leonard. A Cowboy from the past finds a loose baby and is swept into the future to meet the heiress of a perfume company. Sounds like a standard romance to me!

Highlights from this episode include the Time Baby, Metro Sexual Cowboys, and a lengthy discussion about a weiner-shapeshifting alien pretending to be Santa Claus. 

Shout out to Twin Musicom for the use of our intro/outro music Hip Hop Christmas by Twin Musicom, our new club banger for the end of year book!

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What People Are Saying

“This podcast is a rollicking, joyful journey into a genre that I would not typically consider touching with a 10-foot pole.”

-Moll Flanders via iTunes

Really well done take on the genre, and I would know! I’m excited to see what comes next, or I would be if I were still alive.

-Lord George Byron, FRS (1788-1824)