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TLSH – Lucky-Kong vs. Mackzilla – The Snyder Cut

Sparks fly in the GRBN studio as the brothers clash over The Lightning-Struck Heart by T.J. Klune. The book’s challenging themes and crass humor tear at the seams of Lucky & Mack’s very souls, leading to an epic confrontation on the shores of Skull Island! Could this spell…the endship of friendship?

Highlights include The Seaman’s Key, sexy KILFs (King I’d Like to Friend), Prince Justin: Plotbringer, ShrekQuest, and a rift that could rock the romance-novel-comedy-podcast world  to its core!

Uncut, untold, and some would say unnecessary, this is the complete saga of Lucky-Kong vs. Mackzilla as originally envisioned by its creator, Mack Snyder.

Thank you to RKVC for the use of their song Side Scroller. It slaps. 

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“This podcast is a rollicking, joyful journey into a genre that I would not typically consider touching with a 10-foot pole.”

-Moll Flanders via Apple Podcasts

“Do I love podcasts? No. Do I like this podcast? No, I LOVE it! Mack and Lucky are hilarious.”

-Lucky is my favorite via Apple Podcasts