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Sex & the City pt. II: Sex City The Gentleman's Romantic Book Nook

Welcome to part 2 of our dive into Sex and the City by Candace Bushnell, the original columns  that inspired the hit HBO series and Todd McFarlane action figure set! This time we explore the mysteries of the Modelizers, Mr. Big, and the MMF threesome.Stay until the end to get Lucky & Mack’s pro-dating tips to turn your love life from deceased to undead!—Music: Mitigated Suffering by Alge 
  1. Sex & the City pt. II: Sex City
  2. Sex & the City & Mack & Lucky in the City
  3. Summer of the Mack: It Takes Two
  4. GRBN Special | The Simon-Kirby Young Romance Collection
  5. SAO | 3.0: My Romantic Book Nook Academia Online: RE: Coded?
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