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Holidaze | Thanksgiving Spec-turkey-ular…I guess The Gentleman's Romantic Book Nook

The boys are back with the first episode of our holiday book In a Holidaze  by Christina Lauren. But not just that, we're here to celebrate our eighth favorite holiday, the Thanksgiving Spec-Turkey-Ular! We definitely didn't forget about it and choose our holiday book too early. Does love, time travel, and half-plucked monstrosities peak your fancy? This episode has all this AND more!Highlights include the GRBN Turkey Trot & Thanksgivingaway, a new thirsty female lead, an incredibly complicated family dynamic, stoner time travel theories, and some bonkers fiscal gaps.Thank you to Miyagisama for the use of their song C H I L L M A S
  1. Holidaze | Thanksgiving Spec-turkey-ular…I guess
  2. Warm Bodies | The Zombatcular HOWL-n-Scream Extravaghoulsza!
  3. Warm Bodies | ZomBODY Once Told Me
  4. Warm Bodies | Pain in the MemBrain
  5. Honey Girl | dun dun DONE…
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